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Company Profile

Founded on January 8, 1998, China Boiler Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and
manufacturing of clean fuel boilers and clean combustion technology boilers.

R & D Center & Laboratory

Clean fuel boiler project R & D center is located in Pingyuan plant, established in August 2017, accordance with national R&D center standards, spending more than 50 million RMB, and with a total construction area of 6000 square meters. Boiler R & D center integrates product technology research, performance testing and new product display, and provides powerful support for independent innovation & research & development. It is a high-level scientific research base for clean boilers technology in China.

Our Products

All Our Boilers are provided with Overseas Engineering Service And One Year Warranty.

Two Plants

Haihe Factory is our traditional factory area. The factory area is nearly 50,000 square meters. It has a long history of use. It mainly processes commercial boilers, intelligent electric control cabinets and wing heat exchange tubes. It is also the cradle of our company's remote monitoring system.

Pingyuan Factory is our newly planned intelligent factory area with a plant area of 70,000 square meters. It has a comprehensive and mature production line, mainly processing various types of boilers of our company and providing storage space.

Our Advantage

  • 100+ PATENTS
  • 12,0000 SQUARE
  • 60,000 CLIENT
  • 30 DAY

Core Technology

Mastered the core technology of the world's leading clean fuel boilers, and the research and
development capabilities are leading the industry.



When combustion temperature exceeds 1300℃ during fuel burning, it comes into nitrogen oxide (NOx), which is a great hazard to the environment.According to NOx generation principle, main NOx generation factors include flame temperature, section oxygen concentration of burner, residence time of combustion product in high temperature zone, etc. Therefore, reducing NOx emission can achieved by optimizing combustion conditions.



Full-premixed combustion is a new environmentally friendly combustion type. It premixes fuel and air through precision adjustment and control, to ensure the gas and air are completely mixed, which can make the fuel burned completely and totally used.Surface combustion technology makes combustion more efficient, reducing NOx generation form the source and lower than 30mg/Nm³.



FGR combustion includes external flue gas circulation and built-in flue gas circulation. 10~30% of the flue gas from the tail of the boiler is sucked into the air inlet of the burner through the stainless steel flue gas duct, and mixed into the combustion air to enter the furnace chamber, thereby reducing the temperature of the combustion zone while also reducing the concentration of oxygen in the combustion zone, finally reducing the amount of thermal NOx generation and ensuring boiler NOx emission lower than 30mg/Nm³.